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—Book #3 in the series, THE CRIME FILES OF KATY GREEN

Young Billy Williams has been elevated to status of Shepherd of the Flock—leader of a zealous religious cult—and granted gift of the Deathflash, the ability to see the soul as it departs its mortal form at demise.

Billy is also given an ancient knife-like talon and “commanded to do the Lord’s work,” which he does fanatically, slaying drug addicts in San Francisco who are poisoning their bodies with heroin...

Retired police detectives Katy Green and Johnny Cato find themselves drawn into the grim case of the murdered underclass, whom no one seems to care about until the brother of a victim comes forward with his incredible suspicions…

So begins a journey of addiction, tracking a killer through the dope dens and seedy rehab houses of the Tenderloin district. But as more time passes, junkies begin to die faster and faster, for Billy Williams has given himself entirely to his own addiction: the rush of viewing the Deathflash.

With Interior Illustrations by Greg Chapman

Discover why readers have been applauding this stark, fast-paced noir series by multiple-award-winning author, Gene O’Neill! Read DEATHFLASH and then continue the shocking case files of Sacramento’s “Green Hornet and Cato”:

Book 1: The Crime Files of Katy Green #1: Double Jack (a novella)

Book 2: The Crime Files of Katy Green #2: Shadow of the Dark Angel

Book 4: The Crime Files of Katy Green #4: A Stick of Doublemint



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Available in hardback (dust jacket)
ISBN-13: 978-1-949491-22-7

Available in trade paperback
ISBN-13: 978-0-9988275-9-9

Available in ebook
ISBN-13: 978-0-9989383-7-0

Published June, 2019


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  Gene O’Neill has the uncanny ability of being able to delve into the darkest depths of the human soul and emerge with something truly breathtaking. DEATHFLASH is a gripping tale of desperation and addiction delivered with a deft and deadly touch. This is O’Neill at his gritty best!   Michael McBride, author of Immun3 and Innocents Lost  
  O'Neill's reputation is as an author of ideas, grim beauty, and that desperate kind of hope that only the lost treasure.   Infinity Plus  

Gene O'Neill

Author, Gene O’Neill


Gene O’Neill has seen over 175 of his stories and novellas published, several also reprinted in France, Spain, and Russia. Some of these stories have been collected in Ghost Spirits, Computers & World Machines; The Grand Struggle; In Dark Corners; Dance of the Blue Lady; The Hitchhiking Effect; and Lethal Birds. In addition, he’s published six novels.

Gene has been a Bram Stoker Award® finalist twelve times. In 2010 Taste of Tenderloin won the haunted house for collection, and in 2012 The Blue Heron won for Long Fiction. Recent releases include the four trade paperback versions of the Cal Wild Chronicles from Written Backwards Press, a number of short stories, and a novelette. A long novel, The White Plague Chronicles, is a work in progress, parts to an interested publisher.

Gene lives in the Napa Valley with his wife, Kay. He has two grown children, Gavin, who lives in Oakland, and Kaydee who lives in Carlsbad and rides herd on his two grandchildren, Fiona and TJ.

When he isn’t writing or visiting grandchildren, Gene likes to read good fiction or watch sports—all of them, especially boxing.

For more about Gene's work, visit his ISFDB page.

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