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  +Horror Library+ Volume 2   Purchase Here  

+Horror Library+ Volume 2

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*Cover art by David A. Magitis
Enter the Light (2006)


Since 2006, the +Horror Library+ series of anthologies has been internationally praised as a groundbreaking source of contemporary horror short fiction stories—relevant to the moment and stunning in impact—from leading authors of the macabre and darkly imaginative.
Filled with Fears and Fantasy. Death and Dark Dreams. Monsters and Mayhem. Literary Vision and Wonder. Each volume of the +Horror Library+ series is packed with heart-pounding thrills and creepy contemplations as to what truly lurks among the shadows of the world(s) we live in.

Containing 29 stories, read Volume 2 in this ongoing anthology series, and then continue with the other volumes.

Shamble no longer through the banal humdrum of normalcy, but ENTER THE HORROR LIBRARY!

Included within Volume 2:

•   In “Immortal Remains,” a military officer in Afghanistan finds himself captured by an enemy older and crueler than any he's come upon before.

•   In “A Chainsaw Execution,” a mob execution has repercussions far beyond simple murder by a chainsaw.

•   In “Reins in the Night Season (Death of a Pistolero),” two Old West-outlaws travel to Mexico to fulfill a dead accomplice's pact.

•   . . . and more!


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  Trade Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-949491-28-9   Edited by R.J. Cavender and Vincent VanAllen  
  ebook ISBN-13: 978-1-949491-41-8   Published by Dark Moon Books  
  Library of Congress Control Number: 2021936584   Number of pages: 302 (about 103,000 words)  
  Dark Moon Books edition published July, 2021   Made in the United States of America  
  (first published by Cutting Block Books, March, 2007)   Cataloged at ISFDB here  
  Excellent stories of the highest caliber.   Dread Central  
  Uniformly well-crafted and original.   Rue Morgue Magazine  
  Impactful tales that throw the rules of both reality and genre fiction out the window.   Fearnet (Chiller TV)  

• Blood: An Introduction by Clara Chandler
• “A Season of Sleep” by John Rector
• “A Chainsaw Execution” by Stephen R. George
• “I Am Meat, I Am in Daycare” by Cameron Pierce
• “Trapped Light Medium” by Sunil Sadanand
• “Apple” by Marc Paoletti
• “Next Stop, Babylon” by John Mantooth
• “Opening the Eye” by Michael W. Lucas
• “Phaedra’s Baby” by Matthew Fryer
• “Immortal Remains” by Tom Pendergrass
• “The Garbage Collectors” by Ron McGillvray
• “Free to Good Home” by Lon Prater
• “Bound” by Alan Smale
• “Alien Fajitas” by Boyd E. Harris
• “The Trauma Statement” by Stephen Bacon


• “Charlotte’s Frequency” by Ian Rogers
• “High Tide Coming” by Ken Goldman
• “Preacher Mike and the Black Cross Revelation” by Kevin L. Donihe
• “Reins in the Night Season (Death of a Pistolero)” by Lorne Dixon
• “Filth Eater” by Glen R. Krisch
• “Crushed Neem” by Kim Despins
• “Drawn” by Daniel L. Naden
• “Meat-Boy” by Peter Hynes
• “You’re a Good Girl, Delilah” by Petra Miller
• “The Losers vs Beelphegor” by Mark Justice
• “We Fall On Each Other” by Paul Walther
• “H19N1” by M. Louis Dixon
• “The Show Must Live On” by Matt Hults
• “White Balloon” by Matt Samet
• “The Horror in the Bookstore” by Clinton Green

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